Thursday, February 02, 2006

double portion

I forgot all about the Bible reading on Tuesday so had a double portion to read yesterday - which brought me through Elijah and Elisha.

I wrote a bit about Elisha and his anointing here

It isn't all smooth sailing but yesterday I got a lot done, perhaps because I prioritised Him? At the beginning of the year I also thought I'd read the office each day (which isn't part of my church tradition) but I've found myself slipping on that score and didn't even take the office with me to Tallinn, so still a lot of room for improvement but it's all about grace right and yeah one day at a time.

Getting priorities right is never easy, at least for me. I constantly drift and have to haul myself back. I've appreciated having this on-line support from you!

EDITED to add
It just struck me as I was reading 2 k 15 that ofcourse the prophets fit in with this stories but aren't mentioned much - for example (I think) Jonah and Amos fall into this time slot but aren't mentioned. It would be useful sometime to read the bible in sort of chronological order. I have seen that kind of Bible advertised but never held one in my hands.

Have any of you read the Bible like that? Would you like to?


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