Friday, January 27, 2006

reading on the ship

I did my reading on the ship this afternoon on my way back from Tallinn (Estonia) to Helsinki (Finland)

I'd been discussing love and faith and REAL Christian living with Andreas (my study partner) - Rom 12, Gal 5 and 2 Cor 6 ... so it was a real shock to immerse myself in 2 Samuel. It's full of swords in bellies -

I'm most familiar with the presumption of David as he first tried to move the ark (breaking God's laws) but today I was struck by the fact that his wife Michal (daughter of Saul) had been taken from him and given to another - and wonder how that affected their relationship when he demanded her back. Was this part of her reason for ridiculing him when he danced - that she was hurt and bittered by his treating her as an alliance to strengthen his hold on the kingdom. No idea if this is nonsense but it was just a thought.

I stopped at the end of chapter 10 as I want to take the whole story of Bathsheba as a whole. And I might leave starting 1 Kings until Sunday. Let's see :)

hope you are all well. Do share your thoughts - what are you struggling with, what are your impressions. Is the reading getting easier or is it getting harder. Are you establishing a pattern with reading or not? etc etc.

I do believe the historical books are a bit easier going for me, though I find the place names and people's names confusing. Now I'm back home I have a book of Bible maps which might make it a bit easier. But it does depend where I read. That's still unsure. We're only three weeks into the programme and I've spent two of those away from home, so now need to establish a new pattern.

blessings and love


At 1/27/2006 5:43 PM, Blogger Rose said...

I`m finding reading all the directions to places for battles and all the different tribes very difficult to take in. I`m surprised too of how much sex there is in the books of the old testament, and how easily prostitues are mentioned and accepted.
I had started a regular system of reading in the evening or before going to bed, but events at home have put that out this last week. But I`m trying to catch up again. I started on Samuel today.

At 1/28/2006 12:05 PM, Blogger see-through faith said...

I think the references to prostitutes continues also in the NT - because it was a pagan custom (see 1 Cor) but more and more we can expect to see God intervene and show what family is supposed to be like.

I'm not sure when the jews moved towards having only one wife, but Ihad a lot of sympathy for Michal yesterday,and tried to see it through her eyes. The Bible is not good at giving us the feminine picture and I become more convinced of male bias i the writing. I would love to know more about Sarah. Did God really only speak to her once - or is it that that time is only recoreded because a man overheard God speak to her. How is it that Haggar's story is told. It's all interesting. doesn't affect my faith or belief in my salvation but makes me think


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