Saturday, January 21, 2006

Catching up...

Even with a nasty cold and a new gig as a Pampered Chef Kitchen Chick, I have managed to almost catch up to the rest of you guys. I am just finishing Deuteronomy today!

I must say, I am enjoying this process quite a bit. It is really interesting. And surprising. And shocking in some cases. (I mean, God is absolutely merciless towards some of the pagan communities... urging the Israelites to slaughter every man, woman and child they encounter to protect their own faith.)

But, as Lorna says in her blog, there is a clear sense of love in the Torah, too. A clear sense that nothing will keep God from finding a way to love me. I am whiny. He is tough on the whiners of the Torah, but over and over gives them opportunities to redeem themselves. Over and over there is the promised land just over the next hill. Even as I am gripped by the violence, I am filled with a strange peacefulness.


This is a side of you that is perplexing and confusing. But I come away from this with a greater sense of your love and patience. A greater sense of awe and gratitude. I am grateful, too, that you have never turned your face from me. That you came for me and have never left me.

Thank you.


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