Saturday, March 18, 2006

awaiting the Messiah

I read Matthew today (grin) and I had such a sense of relief. Somewhat akin to those first believers who recognised Jesus as the Messiah. There had been a silent period for 400 years since the end of the OT - (there were the Hellenistic writings - the apocrypha - but the prophetic era was over) - and they were waiting and waiting and waiting for Him to come.

I love the gospel of Matthew because there is so much of Jesus' teaching and his ministry. It's always a shock to me that there's little of the passion (only three chapters) but the teaching is deep and thorough. If only I could take it all on board :)

My favourite passage has to be Mat 11:28. Come to me -and I will give you rest. I was reading a book about boundaries last night and it talked a lot about burdens (things that are too heavy to carry alone) and loads (which we are supposed to carry - like a backpack) - the really wonderful thing about Jesus is that He steps in and carries the burden IF we are yoked with Him.

If ...

It's a lesson I forget and learn and forget and learn. These past few months have been really tough ones for me (will blog about this over in my place in due course) but suffice to say that the one thing I've hung onto is Jesus. I thank God for this 90 day reading - this community - and the commitment. It's helped me such a lot.

Be blessed


At 3/18/2006 2:26 PM, Blogger see-through faith said...

PS I cannot get into the main site. Grr. this happens quite often. (to me)

anyone know where we are supposed to be.

I'll read Mark tomorrow.


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