Tuesday, April 25, 2006

falling behind

I'm not into the swing of the one chapter a day yet so playing catch up !! crazy after the 90 days, but there you go :)

Luke 5
The first head line was push out into Deep Water and I got no further. What does it mean. Why don't I do that. What am I afraid of? etc etc etc

I went to Walsingham shrine in the UK with my mum a couple of years ago - there we sang a newly composed hymn - it impacted me then, and I still remember it

push out into the deep
leave safe harbours behind

jesus told the fishermen "there is nothing to fear" (Luke 5:10) yet I cling onto my safe harbours, happily staying put within my comfort zones? I so long to push out into the deep but I fail - because I am afraid, though I'm not sure what it is I really fear to be honest.

(now I realise that this post is better suited to my own but I leave this here for now anyway - it at least tells you why reading just one chapter a day is taking so long!)

be blessed


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