Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Your thoughts on Genesis?

Now that I'm about to march into Exodus, I thought it good to look back at the start, Genesis in four days!

-I've woken up eager to read! yet still a couple of mornings it's been a struggle to get started

-I've read in the mornings, and mostly at my computer, though the idea of curling up on the sofa to do this, or lying on bed (in the daytime) is quite appealling.

-Like others I've struggled with geneologies. I've also noticed that there's not that much description, which makes it easier to read, but trickier to 'see' sometimes. I've wondered how the Patriarchs were such rottters and yet our faith is founded on them. I think that gives me hope in a strange way. If God could use them, He can surely use little ol' me! I've also reacted to the way things were in those days - God speaking to Abraham not Sarah, but allowing her to overhear His conversation. Yet overall a sense that God is in control - that He means it for good. I'm glad Genesis ends on that note :)

It seems that all "12 pages" (is there a better way to say this - since for few of us it's actually 12!) in one sitting is a bit much for me! and I wonder why that is when I can read most books for hours.

I've been thinking ahead too. (grin)
eija and I were chatting (on msn) yesterday and I said I'm dreading Leviticus , but the thought that it will last only three days is a relief. And I'm apprehensive about the Psalms too. I wondered why that is - but it's probably that reading one or two psalms in a day is a delight, but having tried to read Ps 119 in the past in one sitting and having floundered, my experience says this might be a tough section for me. eija made me laugh though - she said she was dreading Revelation. It's right at the end and so that really encouraged me that we will - by the grace of God - and encouraged by each other - make it that far!

Then I wondered about the books I'm looking forward to. Exodus is one, and I get to start that right now! I'm also looking forward to the history books because I think reading huge chunks of them at once will make it easier to get an overview. The minor prophets will be interesting too I think. I haven't thought ahead to the NT yet.

What about you?

*How is the reading working out?
*Are there books you are dreading reading?
*Which are you looking forward to with especial expectation?

Buckets of Blessings as you read!

edited to add

I wrote about Exodus today here


At 1/10/2006 10:10 AM, Blogger kevin h said...

I don't mind reading in big chunks, so I'll be doing my reading a bit differently from the rest of the group. What scares me isn't the 12 pages, but the every day.

Yesterday, I had surgery. I knew I wouldn't be doing any reading. Depending on how long it takes the fuzz to wear off, I might not do any reading today, either. Then, I'll probably sit down on Wednesday and read all of Genesis in a single sitting. Some books, like Romans and Revelation, are better read that way.

The book that's scaring me is Job. The first and last few chapters are great, but the 30+ whiny chapters in the middle are where I've lost it in previous read through attempts.

At 1/10/2006 1:00 PM, Blogger Jason said...

"It seems that all "12 pages" (is there a better way to say this - since for few of us it's actually 12!) in one sitting is a bit much for me! and I wonder why that is when I can read most books for hours."

I was wondering that myself a couple weeks ago. I can rip through fantasy/sci-fi novels like a hot knife through butter. Reading scripture, however, seems a much more laborious undertaking. I've felt a bit guilty about that. One of the reason I've decided to do this. Developing discipline.


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