Monday, January 09, 2006

Day 4

Today's reading was a struggle. After getting up early, putting the girls to school and daycare, working, taxing through art schools and music schools, evening routines and all, I just wanted to fall in the arms of the comfy sofa and watch television without thinking anything. But I took my Bible and read the rest of the day's portion - I had started it while waiting in the car for my daughter to finish her music school.

I haven't told my husband about my project yet. He's been at work for the first three days. My "office" is in the other end of our bedroom and so is his computer, too. And there's no door at all. So no privacy!

Also it hit me today, that I'll be actually reading the Bible every night for an hour until the beginning of April! And loads of projects are accumulating on my desk - and I'm not talking about my paid job...

Well, I won't give up. And I did enjoy about Josef's story. And for the first time I noticed the awesome blessings Jacob - Israel - gave to his sons before dying.



At 1/09/2006 11:01 PM, Blogger Jason said...

That's very interesting. As I read that passage I was thinking how neat it was that the Bible didn't paint the "great" men and women of scripture with idealized strokes. Joseph was used by God to save Israel. Yet I really believe that Joseph was having a bit of sport at his brothers' expense with all the spy stuff and putting his cup in Benjamin’s bag etc.
As for Jacob...several of his "blessings" seemed to me to be more like "cursings." I chuckled my way through most of the end of Genesis.

At 1/10/2006 2:42 AM, Blogger eija said...

Jason exactly that - some of the blessings were just plain scary, and I've never realized that. Actually I read that part two, maybe three times, I was so blown away about it.

And yeah, me too, about Josef's "spy games" *grin* I can't really figure out what to think about them: It doesn't say anywhere did God accept or bless those games. Or did He maybe just allow Joseph to arrange a little payback.

At 1/10/2006 3:39 AM, Blogger Kathryn said...

Eija...I totally empathise with your "how do we do this till early April?" angsts. That means we'll have had a whole month of Lent before we're done, when I guess I'm busier than practically any time in the Church year (even including Advent/Christmas)...we'll have all sorts of extra programmes running at church, I'll have tons of stuff to write...and yet, I'll still be winding my way through Scripture. Eeek. I guess if God thinks I ought to manage it, He'll fix it so I can...but it will be interesting to see how!

At 1/10/2006 9:06 AM, Blogger lily said...

I loved Genesis 45:24 when Joseph said to his brothers "Don't quarrel on your way back!" I wonder if he was grinning when he told them that!


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