Sunday, January 08, 2006

Good Questions

I'm glad you posted those questions, Lorna, because it gives me a good place to start writing about my experience and thoughts.

1.Did you manage to read the "12 pages"?

Yes, starting last night.
2.How did you achieve it? Was it in one sitting or more?Where do you read?Do you make any notes? Underline?How did you deal with distractions or interruptions?If you didn't manage to complete it today, was was the main reason do you think?

I read the whole "12 pages" in one sitting, well, I was lying down, not sitting, but you know. I read for about 60 minutes before bed, and I also think I'll need to break it down into two readings a day, although I did fall asleep after reading at 1:00 am. For me, that's a victory! I might like to take notes while I read because lots of questions and thoughts occur to me as I read, but if I do that I'm afraid I will get sidetracked and not make it through the bible in 90 days. Maybe for now it's best that I read and then write about one or two things that I thought of later, instead of trying to touch on it all.

3. How long does it take to read the passages?

About an hour.

4. What are your thoughts so far?

I've read Genesis a few times before and some of the same questions come up for me over and over. I always get stuck worrying about whether or not the events in Genesis are literal accounts or if they are figurative, or a mixture of both. For example: if Adam and Eve were the first people and there were only the two of them, when the Lord banished Cain from the land why was Cain worried that he might be killed by whoever finds him? (Gen. 4-:14) There should have been no one else on earth yet. Did Adam, perhaps represent mankind, and Eve represent all women? Did God create lots of men and women at the same time? Did the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life represent something within man and woman themselves? The trees were in the middle of the garden. Does the garden represent our souls?

I had many other thoughts, but that's the gist of what Genesis brings up for me. My husband is joining me for this 90 days, and he also read his pages last night.


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