Sunday, January 08, 2006

getting on with it?

I thought I'd post a few questions today. Feel free to answer (or not!)

1.Did you manage to read the "12 pages"?
2.How did you achieve it? Was it in one sitting or more?
Where do you read?Do you make any notes? Underline?
How did you deal with distractions or interruptions?
If you didn't manage to complete it today, was was the main reason do you think
3. How long does it take to read the passages?
4. What are your thoughts so far?

I started the programme on Jan 6th - though as I wrote elsewhere I'm really glad we have the two days of extra grace. This means thought that today I was on day 3, and God willing I'll finish Genesis tomorrow.

1. Yes.

2. I've tried reading in different places. I haven't found the right place yet. Today I read all the passages at my computer with the Bible in front of the screen. It's not ideal, but I am (relatively) uninterrupted up here. On Friday I read in the sitting room by the fire in the evening, but the noise from the radio filtered through and irritated me.

Today I read in two sittings - a section before lunch and a section after. The after lunch section was harder going and I wanted to nap! I hated Gen 36 which was the geneology of the Edomites. It seemed really pointless. I have a lot of trouble with the names and places.

I don't take notes but I've got a tiny card in my Bible and using a pen I underline things that really hit me. Today I underlined It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared (Gen 32:30) and I also checked the meaning of present (33:11) (Today I also highlighted the names of the sons of Jacob (the twelve tribes), but that was because of a discussion with a fellow blogger a couple of days ago.)

Concentration is more problematic than distractions. When upstairs in my office a bigger distraction is my daughter watching TV in the room next to me. If it's in Finnish I can blot it out, but today she was watching the Simpsons and Homer's voice kept penetrating my thoughts :( I asked her twice to turn it down a bit !

3. I think it's about 45 minutes. Each day I've forgotten to keep track.

4. I've been eager to read the Bible and looking forward to hearing how others are getting on too. I expect I'll tend to read the readings in two sittings as I start to flag after 25 mins or so.
I always take a pencil and mark with // how far I should read today. Although I'm usuing the personal tracker for now, I decided that I'd read to the end of the nearest chapter, rather than stop mid-chapter/story.

Thought for the day: Jacobs sons were from 4 different women - 2 wives and their two maidservants. Sarah's suggestion that Hagarher servant bear Abraham's child made more sense to me today, though obviously far from where we are culturally today.

How are you doing?


At 1/08/2006 9:32 AM, Blogger Jason said...

1) Yes I read it.
2) Many sittings. Being the father of two small children, pastor and on the executive board of our association, I am constantly interrupted. How do I do it? I begin reading about 5 or 6 in the AM. I read as much as I can before being interrupted to make breakfast. Then throughout the day I grab time as I can to read. Usually I take copious notes. For this however I will simply highlight, underline and/or jot short notes in the margin as I read (I have a bible cover with about a zillion pockets for all my note taking utensils since I color code my highlighting and notes depending on theme – warning (or “pay attention”), promises, conditional promises and commands).
3) No idea how long it took cause I did it in about 50 sittings (or at least it seems that way).
4) Thoughts…see my previous post :-)

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