Saturday, January 07, 2006

ukok's introduction to scholarly society

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, please allow me to introduce myself (hey I’ve got a reputation for sure, but I’m not that familiar with everyone!).

I go by the name of ukok in cyberspace and I am one (I believe) of the few Catholics participating in this venture. I’m a Pro-Life, Catholic Convert, mother of two (three if you also include my dog ) and work as secretary to the parish priest. I am also a Catechist and actively participate in this ministry within the Church.

I’m enthusiastic about my Faith and love being Catholic and living Catholic. I keep a blog and just a few days ago I resolved to make reading Scripture a part of my daily regime* . It's one of my promises to God for the coming year and as such I take it very seriously. When Lorna mentioned the 90 day plan the other day, it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

I will be reading a slightly different version of the Bible to many of the other participants as I read the Catholic Bible which contains what non-Catholics would refer to as the 'Apocrypha' and what Catholics refer to as the deuterocanonical books.

It will mean that I have to read slightly more when we get to those bits, but I’m prepared to do that so that I stay on course with the rest of the crew. I would actually prefer to read all the books in sequence (and not read the deuterocanonical books separately) since I do not believe that they are ‘hidden’ or ‘extra books’ but rather a part of the complete canon of Scripture. For those interested you can read the deuterocanonical books here (protestant version)...and here (Catholic Canon).

All that's left to say is that I look forward to growing with you all as we pursue this course of spiritual nourishment and that I will enjoy the opportunity of getting to know you better.

God’s Blessings to all!
*it's those things that should be a priority in our lives, that are so often difficult to prioritise, I find.


At 1/07/2006 8:59 PM, Blogger kevin h said...

ukok~ I'll be reading from the NAB and plan to read all the books in order, as well. Maybe we can put our heads together and figure out a way to accelerate some of the readings around those books to fit it all in without going totally crazy?

At 1/08/2006 3:03 AM, Blogger ukok said...

Great idea, Kevin

Let me know what you come up with :)

God Bless.

At 1/08/2006 3:06 AM, Anonymous Lorna said...


SO GLAD you signed up.

I'm ashamed to say I don't know how much extra reading the deuterocanonical (what does that mean by the way?) books will take. How many books are there- how many x12page days does it mean in practice?

Steph who set this up is OSB (Order of St Benedict) and she was the first to plant the idea of sticking with the 90 days and then taking the deuterocanonical /apocryphal books at the end. I'm game to do that. I mentioned earlier I don't own an English Bible with those in - (Its in the new translation of the Swedish Bible here!) and Mary Beth promised to look and see if she had a spare copy :)

I would prefer to do the 90 days as planned and leave those books to the end because Easter is mid April and I'd like to have finished the project by Holy Week , and then do the extra readings after Easter.

(that's not to say you have to do it 'my' way - just why I think it will work best for me. Plus IF Mary Beth does find the books for me, they will take time to arrive!)


At 1/08/2006 1:51 PM, Blogger Steph said...

Great. Make the nun feel guilty that she was gonna just tack the books on at the end!

If you guys work out a way to make it work in process, I'll be game .... I just couldn't think of figuring it out on the fly. Like I said, I didn't expect things to get this big!

At 1/08/2006 2:56 PM, Blogger ukok said...

Lorna, Steph,

I'd be quite prepared to read the 'Apocrypha' at the end as well, that way we still all get to go through it all together, it just means I read more, but that's okay. It's gotta have a beneficial effect on my Catechist studies and assignments anyway :)

God Bless.


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