Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well Met

Greetings earthlings. Name, rank and serial number, eh? Okay…

Name’s Jason. I’m a church planter in a small mountain town in Northeast California. While I was raised in and currently serve in the Southern Baptist Convention, I’ve served on staff in Foursquare Gospel and American Baptist churches. It has also been my great pleasure to serve many other denominations from United Pentecostal to Roman Catholic during my time in Covenant Players (a Christian theater company).

I found this venture through Kevin. As I explained to Steph in my initial email, while daily Bible reading has been important to me, it’s been in recent weeks that I’ve felt God directing me to a greater commitment. Like Elizabeth, I discovered first hand that as a pastor, it is all too easy to become busy “doing church” and neglect our relationship with the Almighty. My mentoring pastor shared a nugget of wisdom shortly after I moved up here:
“The quality of your sermons will depend more on how much personal time you spend with God, reading His word and in prayer, than in how much planning you do on a specific sermon.”
I’ve found this to be generally true.

So here we embark on a grand quest, a daunting challenge. My prayer is that none of us come out of this unscathed by the Sword of the Spirit.

Oh yea, my blog is I'll try to get a pic on here before too awfully long.


At 1/07/2006 1:02 AM, Blogger kevin h said...

Good to see you, Jason!

At 1/07/2006 10:25 AM, Anonymous Lorna said...

Happy to have you here Jason. A picture would be nice. Off to check your blog now too


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