Monday, January 09, 2006

Reading Sacred Scripture is SO much Fun!

1.Did you manage to read the "12 pages"?

I began on the same day that Lorna did, in other words on the 6th. I did that because I hadn't originally realised that the start date would be Sunday and I knew I would be away all Saturday.

2.How did you achieve it?

I opened the Bible and I started to read. That might sound like a smart-ass answer but for me it's quite a big committment that I was making and even opening it up at Genesis knowing that I'm going to spend approximately 100 hours reading Scripture during the next 3 months -well, that's a big adventure to start and I did so with a little trepidation

It's one thing reading Scripture each day, quite another to determine to read it all in less than 90 days. Where would I find the time? What about my other obligations? then I realised I was asking the wrong questions.

The question is:

"How can I not afford to find the time to read the Word of God?"

Was it in one sitting or more?

I read the first session in pieces. I was okay for reading the subsequent sessions right through, but at first I couldn't 'get into it'. Having read Genesis many times before I wanted it to impact upon me, but at times I found myself in a bit of a daze and ended up making myself re-read the parts that I'd not read with any great resolve.

What I discovered coming back to it later that same day, was that I actually found my groove and started to really enjoy it once I determined that I was definately going to do it. I went above and beyond the necessary daily reading requirements and finished Genesis on Sunday evening because quite frankly, I found it 'unputdownable'...something that was very suprising to me and especially as I have put down bibles in practically every room in the house and rarely allowed the fact that the scarcity with which I picked them up, to bother me.

Something else that suprised me is that so far, I have awoken wanting to get my 'fix' and have equally gone to bed wanting my final 'fix' of the day.

That burning desire for Scripture is a first for me. I have always 'loved' Scripture and read it, used it to support my argument in debates and it has been of great comfort and encouragement to me in difficult times, but I never worried quite so much before, that I wouldn't have enough time to read for an hour every day.

Where do you read?

In the Lounge, in the car while waiting for my son to come out of school, in the bath, in bed, while cooking the evening meal I have been stood at the cooker with the Bible in one hand and a kitchen utensil in the other!

Do you make any notes?




How did you deal with distractions or interruptions?

I tried to listen to Gregorian Chant on my mp3 player while reading the bible, thinking it would blank out any annoying sounds of 'life', but in fact, I was even more distracted because I found myself humming along to the chant! I need a relatively quiet environment
( and a huge mug of tea) to read Scripture attentively. Last night, the children were watching a film and I took myself off to have a bath. I took my bible with me and then instead of coming downstairs afterwards, I curled up on the bed to read some more!

I'm so grateful for this opportunity. I'm so used to dipping in and out of the bible and have read the N.T over and over, but reading the O.T, particularly the Pentateuch has been something that I have really struggled with in the past. I can honestly say that it makes such a huge difference to read it in sequence, chapter after chapter, book by book! The geneologies have been skimmed over somewhat because I didn't want to get hung up on 'who begat whom', but I'm not going to beat myself up about that.

I've just finished reading Exodus chapter 11. I'm not trying to be competitive I'm just having a lot of fun!

God Bless.


At 1/09/2006 6:13 PM, Anonymous Lorna said...

this is more addictive than chocolate!

At 1/09/2006 6:21 PM, Blogger ukok said...

Don't know about that, Lorna....



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