Monday, March 20, 2006

68 Days

I just finished the Hebrew Scriptures. Finally! And here is the cool thing. I started this venture on my birthday, January 11th. Over the course of the reading, I kind of lost track of where I was in terms of the reading plan. Tonight, I added up all the days and realized I have been reading for 68 days. And today, I finish day 68's reading. So I am actually right on target.


And, since I have read the entire New Testament before, I have now, technically, read the entire bible. However, I am going to continue to read through the NT to the end of this 90 days project because, well, you can't get too much of it, can you?


A busy day all around.


At 3/21/2006 1:44 AM, Anonymous Lorna said...

(grin) No you can't

be blessed Rachel.

At 3/21/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger Rachel's Big Dunk said...

It's true, Lorna! At my old church, we took almost two years to read through Mark. Mark!?!?!? We were meeting once a month and just spending a couple of hours together, reading and discussing. This pace (12 pages per day) is the extreme opposite, but still good. Very good.


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