Saturday, March 04, 2006


I'm struggling with Jeremiah. It feels like a lot of hard work. I'm feeling quite annoyed that I have to rush through the whole Bible, I've done tons of highlighting and penciliing and sticking page markers in there for future reference, but it's getting to me that I have to race through each book without being able to have the opportunity to reflect on it more deeply, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do that.

Anyone know where we're all supposed to be up to. I never bothered keeping to the reading schedule and now I don't know if I'm behind, or how far I'm behind if I am at all?

God Bless.


At 3/05/2006 12:32 AM, Anonymous Jaybee said...

By my reckoning, we should be up to the reading of day 59 (bearing in mind that it is already Sunday in New Zealand!) - changing from Lamentations to Ezekiel

At 3/06/2006 5:22 AM, Blogger see-through faith said...

yep end of Lamentations (which is only 5 chapters)

ukok I'd say you are where God wants you to be.

I think Jeremiah was a struggle for me too - I thought I knew the book but turns out I hadn't read it before so I too have heaps of questions and thoughts and too little time to process

I think Ezekiel and Daniel will be the same :(

But I think it's good to know what books I want to go back to do a more indepth study of - with a commentary -

and the fact that you are underlying and thinking is preparing good ground for when you do go back after Easter.

I've been frustrated at times - but I want to keep up with this - because I think I'd get frustrated with some aspect of any programme to be honest. And there's something in this for me about being disciplined.

but you could post some questions and thoughts :) One day we could get back to discussing them.

I'm started Ezekiel. It contains two of my fav OT passages (valley of dry bones and river of God) but a LOT Of unfamiliar stuff too.

be blessed as you read, ponder, pray and yeah even in your frustration

Jaybee are you reading too? how's it going?

At 3/07/2006 2:36 AM, Anonymous Jaybee said...

Hi Lorna

Yes, I'm reading along too but don't have a blog to link to so haven't joined the group. I struggle with some sections too but am really determined to make it to the end.

At 3/13/2006 11:55 AM, Blogger ukok said...

Jaybee, thanks si much for highlighting where we're supposed to be at :0 Well done with the reading plan, it's great to know that so many of us are doing this.


I'll have to remember that, just where God wants me to be :)

I like it.

God Bless.


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