Thursday, May 04, 2006

a few morsels

He commissioned them to preach the news of God's kingdom and heal the sick. He said, "Don't load yourselves up with equipment. Keep it simple; you are the equipment.
(Luke 9:2-3)

I love it that we are the equipment :)

"You feed them," Jesus said. (Luke 9:13)

Way to go Jesus. That's delegation from the top :) Don' t you love it :)

The Message talks about Peter blurting stuff out, and babbling. I identify with that guy more and more every day (grin)

In Luke 11 we find a new version of the Lord's prayer. Not sure if I like it :(


Reveal who you are.

Set the world right.

Keep us alive with three square meals.

Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.

Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil."

except the keep us forgiven and forgiving. That's so essential I find.

and if you're wondering about the 'woe to you pharisees' section - the Message puts it
you're hopeless religion scholars! ouch! I don't like that passage much (in any version) if I'm honest - it comes too close sometimes.

There is such good teaching in Luke. I'm taking it slower than I expected. And that's ok. So long as I'm feeding on the word of God - morsels are great :)

Be blessed


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