Saturday, January 14, 2006

out of here!

no, no, no, I'm not quitting - even though I'm half way in Leviticus!

I'm away from home for two weeks. Back to seminary and exams and new courses etc. My Bible's with me and I'll try to stick with the progamme. I'm not sure how much computer access I'll have. A semi-fast from blogging will be good for me I think, but I have pre-posted a couple of things for see-through faith and will have a guest blogger one day next week.

Do please pray for me while I'm in Tallinn (back 27th) travel mercies, health and sleep, studies and also spiritual support for each other as we distant learners get together again. That's always a bonus for me, that we can pray together and find out what God is doing in those other countries and denominations but there are difficulties with language too (and culture)

If I can't get online - I'll send eija a text message to say how I'm getting on, and she can give an update -and a plea for prayer support if it's hard doing. Just checked with the plan and by the time I get back to Finland we should be starting 2 Sam. Wow!

blessings and love to you all


At 1/14/2006 12:57 PM, Blogger ukok said...


Have a safe journey and a refreshing and stimulating break.

God's Blessing be upon you!

At 1/15/2006 8:18 AM, Anonymous Mary Beth said...


You are in my prayers every day. But especially these 2 weeks!

Blessings, MB


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