Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thank you!

Thanks to Sister Steph for setting me up on the blog. I'm not even quite sure how I came across this project, but it may have been through Ukok since several people on my blogroll have Ukok on their blogroll and one of them may have mentioned it.

I am a cradle Catholic who spent 20 years outside the Church and about 10 years of that was spent in prostitution. I reverted back to Catholicism a little over two years ago and I am now 40 years old. While I have read most of the New Testament a number of times and have made occasional forays into the Old Testament, I've read little of the OT and I've really wanted to read the entire text of the Bible for awhile now. I think it will be great being able to read it as a group so we can encourage each other to keep going. I'm also interested in what everyone is thinking of what they are reading and we have such an eclectic group here that I think that is going to be fascinating.

My blog is Confessions of a Wayward Catholic. It's where I blog about my reversion journey and my on-going relationship with God and whatever else comes to mind that I feel like sharing.

1.Did you manage to read the "12 pages"?

Yes, I did. Funnily enough, I was had just finished reading the first "12 pages" right before finding out about this blog. I had bought a Daily Bible for a 1 year reading plan and while reading I realized that I was not going to be able to limit myself to such small segments every day, so this works out well. I can read the whole thing in 90 days just to get the story and then after that I can use the Daily Bible for more reflective reading on shorter passages.

2.How did you achieve it? Was it in one sitting or more?

Just opened the book and read it. I've completed two days reading so far and each time I did it in one sitting.

Where do you read?Do you make any notes? Underline?

Usually in bed at night, either before I turn on the tv or after I turn it off. I use a yellow highlighter instead of underlining and I occasionally take notes if something strikes me.

How did you deal with distractions or interruptions?

It takes a lot to distract me from reading so I didn't really have to deal with that. I also didn't start reading until everyone else had already gone to bed, so that usually helps.

3. How long does it take to read the passages?

Hmmm. Maybe a half hour? I read fairly quickly and I skim things like the geneologies and long descriptions of Ark building that will be coming up soon.

4. What are your thoughts so far
Now that I've switched translations I'm finding the reading going much faster than other times I've attempted to read the Bible straight through. Previously I've attempted both the NAB and the Jerusaleum Bible and found them both a slog. I've now switched to the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition and I'm finding the reading goes much more smoothly. I think this translation flows really well.

As for the text itself, I find myself coming up with amusing quips that God is thinking whenever one of these whiners mouths off to him. I do like that everyone is constantly challenging God. It reminds me that we are in dialogue with Him and that the conversation goes in both directions. It does not bother me so much that the behaviour of some of these people leaves a lot to be desired because I think what we are seeing is "baby steps". It strikes me that God is teaching them how to have a relationship with him and that he realizes he can only give them so much information at once. Also, it has occurred to me that maybe he sets up Abraham as the father of nations not because Abraham himself is so worthy of the honor, but rather that various descendants of his will be.


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